In our streets, homes and communities, drugs are hurting us. Anyone can be a victim of hard drugs. The North is a community. We are connected by our Northern heritage and pride. We know each other, and that is our strength.  So if you are tired of the damage drugs cause in your community, if you are sick from the effects of drugs on your life, and if you know that enough is enough, it’s time to stand united and say “NOT US”.


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What's this All About?

NOT US is a set of community-based campaigns. Each community is different, so it's designed to be different in each community. You can design a campaign that will be right for you and the people you love. Put yourself in our posters. Set up a website so you can talk to people about drugs. Hold events to teach people about the dangers of drugs.

How Does it Work?

First, think about what you need. Your community is unique. You should have a unique campaign. Who are you trying to reach? Maybe you need posters in your language. Maybe you need T-shirts for your youth group. Maybe you want to help pregnant women stay away from drugs and alcohol. You're already in the right place. The NOT US website has all of the materials you need to get started. E-mail us with any questions or for help with ideas.